The Transformation Group

Members: Yun Yun, Frances,Ann, Julian

This group works in Art Lab  and their practice in the second week

The third week

The final week we worked hard to accomplish our target, a magic space!

Transformation group with the multi-dimensions space

Transformation is a marked change in form, nature or appearance. With this theme having many different ways to be represented, we decided to focus on directional transformation, taking common household found objects such as chairs and tables and transforming them into other found objects from the house.

We began doing this by removing the function of these objects through methods such as cutting, rotating and elevating. We then added a new function to the objects by adding features found in other objects e.g. Placing a bath tap on the side of a door in the place of a handle and changing the placement of the chairs to give the suggestion of a fireplace.

An important part of our work is also the use of light and shadow. Light and darkness being in itself a transformation of our surroundings but also, with an initial interest in the sundial, which used shadow to measure the passing of time which is a vital part of transformation.

During the process 


Final exhibition 

The Fifth Day in Edinburgh & Glasgow

We start our city tour at Edinburgh Castle…beautiful architecture and the views are fantastic. Image by Adam.
A selfie group. Image by Sibyl.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle



Next to Edinburgh Castle is a Tartan Weavery selling all kinds of products, including fabric, souveniors and bagpipes.



In the afternoon we travel to Glasgow and tour different art exhibitions at contemporary galleries located in the city, including Transmission Gallery and Mary Mary. The shows and spaces are an interesting contracts to the much larger institutions and buildings we visited in Edinburgh, such as St Giles Cathedral and the Scottish National Gallery.